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A brief note about what a professional landscape lighting system may cost


We’ve all seen the disposable, do-it-yourself, plastic landscape lighting kits at big box stores for less than $100. These typically last one year, perhaps two, and have fixed amounts of wire and fixtures that give you limited ability to be creative.

A professionally installed landscape lighting system becomes a permanent part of your landscape, remains adaptable to your landscape as it grows, or changes, and with proper maintenance continues to give you enjoyment for decades.

The cost of a permanent lighting system can vary depending on what the fixtures are constructed of, and what design elements exist. As a general rule, the more decorative the fixtures are, the more expensive they are.

Also with a professional system, depending on the manufacturer, fixture warranties can range from 5 to 15 years and transformers, or other components may carry a lifetime warranty.

As a rough guideline, the best way to establish an approximate budgetary cost for a fully installed lighting system (complete with fixtures, bulbs, transformer, controls, wiring, connectors, labour, etc) is to differentiate by the fixture material construction.

A complete system installed with cast aluminum fixtures, using halogen and incandescent bulbs may typically run between $250 – $350, per fixture for the entire system, installed.

A complete LED system, with cast aluminum fixtures, and some brands of copper fixtures, may run $350-$450 per fixture, installed.

If the fixtures are constructed of higher grade materials such as heavier grade copper, brass, or bronze, the system may be $450+ per fixture.

As with any sort of ballpark, there are economies of scale that can come into play.

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