Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Inviting, seductive, yet subtle light dancing around your outdoor spaces. Just imagine the possibilities for landscape lighting on your property

Here are just a few of the landscape lighting effects you can achieve using one or more outdoor lighting fixtures to add beauty and stunning effects to your lawn and gardens after dark

Image of tree with lighti being cast on it from aboveDownlighting
By mounting landscape lighting fixtures well up a tree or a structure, casts light over a broad area… letting you entertain in your yard after dark, as well as serving as a safety & security feature…

You can create dramatic effects by lighting things like a stately tree, an interesting rock formation, outdoor artwork, a textured wall surface, or architectural features, etc. By mounting the landscape lighting fixture on the ground (or burying a well-type light) at the base of a feature and angling the light beam upward onto it you can create spectacular effects…

Similar to downlighting, but using much softer lighting fixtures, mounted quite high, produces a lighting effect similar to moonlight filtering though the leaves and branches, resulting in shifting, changing shadow patterns.

Similar to path-lighting, but without the focus on lighting a walkway. Generally used to create pools of interesting light in your garden, shrubs, or areas where low lighting is desired…

Accent_-_spot_lightingAccent or spot-lighting
Focus a controlled, intense light beam to highlight focal points in your garden (flowers, small shrubs and perhaps statues, etc.). Using the appropriate landscape lighting fixtures creates inviting islands of interest in your landscape.

Lighting an object from the front and below will project intriguing shadows on a wall, or other vertical surfaces

Outdoor lighting fixtures placed so they’ll shine across a textured surface like tree bark, shingles, a rock face… maybe even a door.

Concealing the lighting source directly behind and below a desired landscape feature, reflecting the light off a vertical surface behind it, creates an attractive silhouetted effect.

Cross LightingCross-lighting
Similar to up-lighting, but using two or more landscape lighting fixtures, beamed from different directions, across the feature, giving a much greater sense of dimensionality to your chosen landscape feature.

Placing outdoor lighting fixtures so they’ll light up your walkways and paths, creating safe, secure walking on your property, yet without creating the light ‘pollution’ most typical ‘flood-style’ lighting does

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