LED Landscape Lighting Fixtures

The New Kid on the Landscape Lighting Horizon, an attractive, money-saving landscape lighting option

A new, and relatively revolutionary landscape lighting alternative – known as LED (Light Emitting Diode) – has now become available… and, unlike traditional incandescent (halogen) bulbs, LED outdoor lighting fixtures don’t use heat  to generate light. Rather, light is generated by passing electricity through a semiconductor…

When compared to traditional incandescent (halogen) outdoor lightingLED landscape lighting fixtures offer many great benefits for both residential and commercial outdoor lighting and garden lightingapplications, including…


As a result, LED landscape lighting fixtures use as much as 80% LESS electricity than halogen bulb-based landscape lighting systems

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They’re more environmentally friendly – Since LED landscape lighting fixtures use far less energy than standard incandescent bulbs, they cost much less to run and they have less impact on their immediate environment.

They better meet ‘green’ building requirements – LED landscape lighting fixtures are recommended as a proven method to reduce energy use (and costs), and help you achieve your green building goals.

Simplified installation – Because we can include more LED landscape lighting fixtures on each cable run  in your system, it makes installations less complex, and reduces wire costs and complex voltage drop calculations.

They’re tough and reliable – The filament in an incandescent buld is quite fragile and prone to breakage by everyday bumps from your lawnmower, edger, an errant footstep,etc., while the the LED landscape lighting unit is itself encased in a tough, high-strength, optical grade of epoxy resin, has no filament to fail, and the whole unit is, in turn, enclosed by a weather-tight fixture assembly… they last a long, long time, too.

They’re safer – LED outdoor lighting fixtures generate little heat, so fixture lenses and fixtures tend to stay cool to the touch, providing an extra margin of safety in low-voltage applications.

They’re more versatile – Which makes LED landscape lighting fixtures ideal for lighting requirements in hard-to-reach areas. Their long life expectancy in typical installations make LED garden lighting the perfect install and forget option.

But how can you be sure you choose the right lighting contractor?

Before you make any decision on which landscape lighting contractor you’ll choose, be sure to educate yourself. Learn what you should look for, and what you should watch out for in the contractors you evaluate.

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